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The “Dark Art” of online advertising

Updated | 5 months ago

Tags: Misc, Advertising

For years online advertising has been considered a "DARK ART" packed with Jargon with little or no information written in a language that "REAL PEOPLE" can understand.

Jargon like CPC, CPM, CPA, ROI, PPC, META DATA, META TAGS, CTR... The list is endless… Confused…?

Over the next few months I am going to provide you with small, easy to follow tips about how to optimise your site, successfully advertise online and also how to run a campaign to benefit, not hinder, your business.

Remember that grand oak trees once started life as a tiny acorn. What I am trying to say is that advertising is not always a get rich quick solution. For 99% of companies it is a slow process that takes time, planning and preparation coupled with a well thought out digital strategy.

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