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Google +1 goes live in the UK

Updated | 5 months ago

Tags: Search, SEO, Google

We blogged back in April about the launch of Google's  +1 service in the US. It's now crossed the pond and went live to the UK on 29 June.

+1 is a way in which visitors to your website and to Google's search engine results pages (SERPs) can recommend your site. It works in much the same way as the Twitter "Tweet" and Facebook "Like" button - but with a crucial difference.

Google is using +1 to rank search engine results. Pages with more +1s will rank higher in the natural and paid listings.

In addition, +1 indicates "social proof". A site which is heavily recommended is more likely to attract visits from a SERP and enjoy higher conversions.

How does it work?

Your pages can be +1'd (as Google put it) by a visitor clicking on a +1 button which appears on your web page.  Ask your web agency to add these buttons to your site

Users of will see the +1 button as part of the results listings and can click on this directly to recommend the page. See below.

Google plus one serp

But (and it's a big but)

You'll only see the +1 if you use not or any other regional variant. You might see that you're always redirected to the site even if you type in the .com address. To go to the, you'll need to click on the "Go to" link beneath the search box.

And, once you're on, you'll only see the +1 interface if you're logged into your Google account and have a Google Profile. Find out more about Google Profiles on another of our blog pages.

So is it worth it?

It sounds a bit faffy, I know, and the need to be logged in to Google at all times may well be a barrier to the uptake of +1, but it's anything which boosts your profile on Google and enables you to demonstration peer recommendation is absolutely worth it.

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