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How can I make my site stand out on Google?

Updated | 5 months ago

Tags: Misc, Strategy, Social media, Advertising, SEO

Index your website on Google

This is a way of letting Google know your site exists (they will do this anyway, but this is a faster way to get your site listed). You can do this here.

Set up social network pages for your business (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

Social media sites are a great way to communicate with your customers for free. Use the already high rankings of social media to promote your business as social media pages generally come up on the first page (or two). Check if your business name is being used on social media sites here.

Sign up and promote your business on Google Maps

There are other things you can do to promote your business for free, like signing up for Google Maps if you have a central office or operate from multiple locations.

To use Google Maps to list your business use, the following link: GMaps. You will notice that Google Maps always appears at the top of the search engine when general or business specific searches are carried out.

There are many benefits to using Google Maps:

  • You can reach new local customers on Google Maps and searches.
  • Works great for businesses of any size. You can update your listing at any time - I would update a business after a few weeks, not a few months.
  • Link in to your website. Linking in to your site, over time, will help to increase your natural, organic listings.
  • You can add keywords about your business and text to describe what you do. Make sure they match what you have on the site and your target market.
Sign up to free business listings

Signing up to free business directories is also good to help promote your website. Be selective, Use the main well known sites such as:

You can have a free listing, but some of these companies will try and get you to buy other services, so if you can handle being pestered to upgrade once in a while then I would certainly use them. There is no commitment to upgrade so dont be fooled by thier sales tactics - unless of course you see the benefit for your business.

Keep your information on these sites short but descriptive using the more important keywords and text from your site. Make sure you use text and keywords that are already associated to your site.

Remember to add your company's URL (web address) to the listing. This will help with your organic rankings (natural listings) because it is a link in to your site from another site. As mentioned above this will help your site's natural rankings over time.

Finally, you want to do more but have a low budget

Why not advertise your business through online banner placement? This would cost as little as £30 with no commitment. This is a service we have expertise in providing, so if you are thinking about using this type of promotion then get some friendly advice before you do.

When speaking to businesses about this, I have found that many are using bad traffic networks and are paying far to much for the privilege. For all services offered visit our main site or call me for a chat on 02476 608 019 and ill be more than happy to offer some advice.

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