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Advertise online - it's easier than you think!

Updated | 6 months ago

Tags: Strategy, Advertising, Google

Get your business infront of the right customers.

There have been many developments at Papertree Digital. We have been busy building a great team with extensive knowledge of a whole host of new solutions - mobile landing pages, mobile apps, bespoke Facebook pages, Asset Manager (online document storage), online brand protection and much more.

Our development team has expanded and we have been creating some great looking, functional websites and email marketing templates for a wide range of industries - financial, sports, ecommerce, arts and marketing to name a few.

Online advertising, especially Google advertising, is a great way to get your business in front 1000s of potential customers.

It might not be something you have thought about doing, or perhaps you have and may have found it quite daunting. If so, we can help.

We have experience creating, deploying and managing campaigns across some of the world's largest advertising platforms, including Google, Right Media Exchange and Facebook.

Where do you currently advertise?

There are so many ways to get your business known to your target audience, the hardest part is working out which work best for you.

  • Local or national newspaper
  • Industry specific publications
  • Billboards
  • Venues (pubs, clubs, service stations, etc.)
  • Cars
  • Leaflet distribution
  • Traffic islands
  • Television

The question we ask

How do you measure the success?

For example, if you took out an advert in a local newspaper, and they have a reach of 10,000, you might have 10,000 people see your advert - if they turn to that page.

How do you know that the people that see your advert get in touch or search to find further information? More than likely you won't be able to and this applies to a lot of traditional advertising avenues.

A question we get asked

How does online advertising differ?

  • You get in-depth reports showing you exactly how many people saw your advert.
  • You can see exactly how many people went through to find out further information.
  • You only pay for those who action your advert (e.g. go through to your website).
  • You target people who are interested in your product or services.
  • You're in charge of the amount you want to spend.
  • You don't have to pay to create a piece of design work.
  • There are NO contracts.

There are lots of reasons why it differs, why businesses haven't tried it and why they should.

How we can help?

We understand the need to make sure that every piece of advertising counts. Calling on years of experience, we have honed our processes to make our inclusion process easy for anyone to get started. There are four simple steps:

Step one: Keyword research

We'll get to ask a few questions, get to know what your goals are and make sure we understand your business. It also gives you a chance to ask us anything.

Once we understand and you are 100% happy, we will create a keyword report based on the information gathered. We will then advise of the best keywords for your campaign. Keywords chosen are added to the Papertree advertising inclusion form.

Step two: Budgets

Generally we find businesses feel better working on a monthly basis so costs are easier to budget for. If you have particular event or offer running for a certain period of time then that's ok too as we can set campaigns up to run when you want and how you want.

Once you are happy with your budget, we will add this information to the Papertree inclusion form.

Step three: Content

As there are no banners, images or pictures to be designed, all we need to worry about is the content. It is important to give a quick, enticing snippet of information attracting viewers to your website or intended goal.

You don't even have to worry about the amount of content needed as adverts can normally be seen at the very top of search engines and have a limit to the amount of characters usable.

Here's how to layout your content

  • Title - No more than 25 characters (including spaces)
  • 1st line - No more than 70 characters (including spaces)
  • URL - The website page where you want to send the person who clicked your ad.

Argent - adv blog

That famous saying: "here's one we made earlier". Our advert for Argent of London can be seen at the top of Google above advertisers with much bigger budgets allowing for great results.

Argent2 - adv blog

Google will even tell you why you're seeing this advert!

Step four: Launch

Well nearly. First we will send you a copy of the inclusion form we have been going on about; this will give detail on exactly what we agreed - keywords, budget and content - to make sure there are no further questions and you're completely happy.

LAUNCH - your advert will be served and you will be one click away from attracting 100s of new visitors to your site, service and products.

You can remain certain of two things: your advert will be shown to those who have an interest in what you do and you will only pay for those who click on your advert - much different to publications where you pay regardless of if someone sees your advert or not.

Why have we chosen Google as our primary advertising engine?

  • Google handles over 1 billion searches per day.
  • Google has over 620 million visitors per day.
  • Google has 7.2 billion daily page views.
  • 87.8 billion monthly worldwide searches are conducted on Google sites.
  • Google's global search market share is 85%.
  •'s worldwide ranking is number 1.
  • 97% of Google's revenue is from advertising.

What next

Hopefully by reading this you will have a better understanding of how online advertising works, why it is good and how it fairs against more traditional forms of advertising.

If you're intrigued by online advertising and want to find out more information, or you want to set up a campaign, give us a call (02476 608 019) or let us call you by simply filling in our quick contact call back form.

No pressure, no fuss - just clear, understandable assistance.

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