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Print + mobile = quick response marketing

Updated | 5 months ago

Tags: Strategy, Mobile, Print, Marketing

What is quick response marketing?

  • Quick response marketing (or QRM) is about joining up your print and digital marketing.
  • It's about making your print work much harder to generate sales.
  • And it's about delivering flexible, cost-effective and joined-up marketing to mobile web users - 32m and accelerating in the UK alone.

That's the marketing line. Put more usefully, quick response marketing (QRM) drives sales by linking your advertisement, poster, leaflet or publication to a mobile web page.

It creates an immediate response to your print campaign and gives you the opportunity to deliver compelling multimedia marketing to customers on the go - and the option to "Buy now" directly from the phone.

See our quick response marketing demonstration.

Why is quick response marketing significant?

There has always been a disconnect between print and digital marketing.

Print marketing - whether a newspaper ad, brochure or poster - is about stimulating interest and encouraging a sale or further investigation. It's personal and portable. And it surrounds us. It's everywhere.

Traditionally, digital marketing has always been locked away in a box. We're only exposed to online marketing when we fire up our computer. In most cases we search out products and events which interest us before making a decision to buy.

Where digital marketing has the edge is in the ease of fulfilment. With a shopping basket just a click away, the path from interest to purchase can be very short. Print has to rely upon quoting a web address or a telephone number and hoping that there's a follow up.

Digital marketing also has the ability to do far more to make a case for a purchase - video clips, product galleries, customer testimonials, social media peer reviewing, downloadable brochures. The experience of the product or the event  it can offer is far richer than can ever be achieved through print.

Quick response marketing (QRM) is significant because it brings together print and digital marketing in a practical and effective way for the first time.

And it does so in a way which involves a huge growth area - mobile web.

The importance of mobile web

Mobile web is already huge. Almost half of all UK internet users already access the web on mobile devices.

During 2012 we will reach the tipping-point where more than half of all mobile phones in the UK will be internet-enabled smartphones. And a recent projection indicates that smartphones will account for 100% of the UK market within four years.

Mobile web does away with the notion of the internet being something locked in a box on your desk or on your laptop in your bag. Mobile web is in the hand, portable and everywhere. Mobile web does surround us.

But mobile web isn't the same as the web.

Modern smartphones make a very good job of displaying standard websites - but what's much more effective is to offer a look and feel which is optimised to the phone (simple things like bigger buttons and a more "app-like" interface) and slimmed-down content which focuses upon exactly what the mobile user needs - and quickly. Dates and time. Locations. Bullet points. Reasons to buy. Calls to action. Buy now. Sign up. Share with your friends.

But what does this mean for print?

Put simply, each print campaign you create should be accompanied by a mobile-optimised web page. This web page can stand entirely separately from your website - and should be seen as a specific piece of collateral to follow up the campaign.

The piece of print should include a QR code which, when scanned using the camera of any modern smartphone, will take the user directly to the mobile page.
The mobile page should be used to engage the user with more (and enhanced) information to follow up the campaign and to give clear calls to action (Buy now or Sign Up or Tweet this, perhaps).

Some ideas for mobile landing pages

  • Deliver video or an electronic brochure
  • Sell products or tickets directly from the phone
  • Encourage sign-ups to your mailing list
  • Generate an email voucher
  • Make your message viral with instant sharing on Twitter, Facebook and emai
  • Location-specific content: deliver different content from the same print depending upon the user's location

Measureable and flexible

Each scan of a QR code is logged so you can assess the effectiveness of your QRM campaigning.

And because QRM only involves the creation of a single mobile page and QR code, you can blend it into your marketing without significant spend (and without affecting the running or management of your existing website).

Why not give it a try?

We are working with the John Good group, our parent company, to deliver a quick response marketing service.

Have a look at their quick response marketing page - it contains a video presentation which showcases what's possible with QRM and there's an onscreen QR code which you can scan to see a live campaign in action.

We expect QRM to be huge. What do you think?


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