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Brand management: FAQs

I can register domains myself. Why do I need a management service?

Having us manage your domains means there's one less thing for you to worry about. We'll deal with the transfers and ongoing renewals of your domains so you don't need to. And we don't charge the earth to do it.

What is domain research?

If you're starting a new website or just looking to protect your brand and assets, we'll do the domain research and let you know about domains which you might want to add to your portfolio.

So what does it cost?

Our costs for  registering and renewing domain names are outlined below. We don't charge anything extra to manage your domains. £7.50 .com: £12.50 .biz: £12.50
.co: £45 .eu: £25 £40 £25 .ie: £40 .info: £12.50 £20 .me: £20 £10
.mobi: £30 .net: £12.50 .org: £12.50 £7.50 .tel: £25 .tv: £52.50 £40 £40

All costs shown are per year and based on a minimum registration period of two years.

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