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Digital asset management

For storing, sharing and safeguarding your important files. It's so much better than FTP!

  • Ever struggle to find a document or photo on your computer network?
  • Fed up of sending multiple emails with huge file attachments?
  • Baffled by FTP?
  • Worried about what would happen if your backups failed?

What is digital asset management (DAM)?

Digital asset management (or DAM) is the storage of your digital files on a secure server, where they're kept safe and backed up.

Our DAM is called AssetManager. You upload your files to AssetManager through a web browser.

When you need to locate a file, log in through your browser and perform a search. You'll find your files quickly and easily. The system even has quick previews and automatic thumbnailing so you can browse the file before you download it.

Create collections of assets and set up user accounts. Perhaps you have a set of photographs you want to release to the press? Set up a Press account containing these images and let your contacts download them themselves.

Download an AssetManager product sheet

Like FTP. Only much, much better.

Many organisations use FTP to organise the distribution of their digital files.

Unlike FTP, AssetManager is

  • User-friendly (no need for special software or a long list of instructions)
  • Searchable (by filename, type, keyword, description, iamge colour, size, resolution...)
  • Visual (see the file you're about to download, not just its file name)
  • Manageable - set up user accounts and permissions - and see which files are being downloaded
  • An asset management system - not just a set of files on a server

Download an AssetManager product sheet

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