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Digital asset management: AssetManager

Adding files

  • Upload files in batches or one at a time.
  • Upload from any computer via a standard web browser.

Organising files

  • Add a description and keywords for each file.
  • Access the full metadata behind each file.
  • Build your own metadata structure - need to tag files by customer, location, year, length, format, office, author? However you want to tag your files, you can.
  • Bulk-edit metadata for multiple files at once.
  • Create collections. Arrange similar files into coherent collections for easy browsing.
  • Create contact sheets. Select multiple files or collections and generate pdf contact sheets for reference.

Search and download

  • Perform a basic or advanced search across your entire asset bank or just images or documents or video, for example.
  • See results in list, thumbnail or large format.
  • See previews of each file before you download it - whether text, video, audio or image.
  • AssetManager automatically generates low and medium resolution versions of images for use in comps.
  • An unsuccessful search? AssetManager suggests other searches you might like to try to find similar resources.

Security and back ups

  • AssetManager runs on dedicated servers hosted in a local data-centre which benefits from full fire suppression and UPS/diesel generators to provide a resilient hosting environment.
  • The servers are monitored 24/7, with daily backups taken and a robust data recovery procedure in place should it ever be required.

Making it yours

  • Set up your own user groups.
  • Assign groups to particular collections.
  • Choose whether your users can upload and edit, or just search and download.
  • Run reports on which assets are being downloaded the most regularly.

Download an AssetManager product sheet

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