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Ebooks: FAQs

What's involved in creating an ebook?

All we need from you is a pdf version of your print project. We'll convert this into your fully interactive ebook.

What will the ebook look like?

It will look exactly the same as your printed publication. Your customer just needs to click on each page to turn it and can zoom right in to the text for easy reading. There's a full-screen feature and the document is searchable, too.

How do I send out the ebook?

Once we've created the ebook we'll host it on our business-class servers and provide you with the web address. You can then place this link on your company website or send the link to your customers via email. When the customer clicks on the link, they'll see the ebook in their web browser.

But what if my customers prefer something on paper to something on screen?

That's fine. Your customer has the option to print the ebook (or just the pages they're interested in) directly from the screen.

What does it cost?

To create and host an ebook costs less than £200. There's no cost for distributing it once the ebook is complete, of course, so you can send the ebook to as many people as you like free of charge.

What about hosting?

An ebook comes with six months of hosting. After this, we'll pass on a small fee for hosting on a monthly basis. See details of our Small hosting plan for more.

Are ebooks right for me?

Ebooks work best for documents with at least four pages. For leaflets and other small formats, an emarketing campaign may be a better solution.

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