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Email marketing: MailManager

What is MailManager?

MailManager is our web-based email marketing tool. You use it to create eflyer campaigns and send them to your subscribers.

Once the campaign has been sent, MailManager provides a comprehensive set of real-time reports allowing you to accurately measure the effectiveness of everything you send.

Download a MailManager product sheet

How does it work?

We will set you up with your own MailManager account and provide you with a set of templates to your brief - or with solus artwork design for specific campaigns.

We will import your subscriber details from your existing system into MailManager and create a sign-up form which you can add to your website. Visitors who sign up using the form will automatically be added to the MailManager database.

Create a campaign
Using MailManager you create a campaign by adding copy and images to one of your templates. You can run design and spam tests to makes sure that everything looks as it should across all email applications and that no spam filters are being triggered!

You can segment your subscriber list for detailed targeting and focus on those subscribers who are most likely to respond. If you have access to buying habits or you have data about your subscribers' location, age or preference, perhaps, it's easy to build just the segment you need.

When you're ready to send, just click the button. Choose to send immediately or at a particular day and time. Handy for scheduled launches!

Reporting on ROI
Once the email is sent, MailManager looks after everything. It publishes an automatic web-based version of the email and a text-only version, should your recipients need it. It handles bounces and unsubscribe requests automatically. It lets recipients forward the campaign to a friend. Most importantly, it displays a full set of campaign reports with Google Analytics integration so you can account for every penny you've spent.

You can even set up autoresponder campaigns to automatically welcome new subscribers or to generate time-based campaigns. If you ask your subscribers to give you their date of birth, for example, MailManager can automatically send a happy birthday special offer campaign a month before the special day.

If you want to get really clever, you can even run split A/B campaigns. Test the effectiveness of two slightly different email campaigns by sending both to a small section of your subscribers. The most effective (in terms of clicks or opens, or whatever you choose) will be send to the remainder of your subscriber database.

Download a MailManager product sheet

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