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Email marketing: Why do I need it?

Email marketing works

Email marketing returns £34 for every £1 spent*. It brings customers directly to your website and encourages instant gratification. "Buy now" really can mean "now".

Email marketing brings you new customers

Every website visitor who signs up to your newsletter becomes a potential new customer. You've increased your customer base without lifting a finger!

Email marketing keeps your customers loyal

If you pitch your email marketing just right (we'll show you how!) you can engage and build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Email marketing extends your brand

As part of a joined-up marketing strategy, email marketing should draw people into your website, improve their perception of your organisation and strengthen their relationship to your brand.

Email marketing is cost-effective

It's cheap - much cheaper than other methods of marketing. You can run it yourself and you can demonstrate your return on investment down to the nearest penny. And because it's so fast to implement, you can try different approaches as often as you like.

Email marketing is flexible

Send to a handful or to hundreds of thousands. Decide on Monday morning that your marketing needs an extra push and have the campaign in inboxes by tea-time.

Email marketing gives you insight

Spend time with your campaign reports and find out how your customers tick. What time do they read their emails? Which day of the week is best? Which links do they normally click on? What works? What doesn't?

Email marketing goes wherever your customers go!

A postal campaign just hits the doormat. An email campaign hits the inbox at home, at work, on the bus, in the park, in bed - wherever your customer happens to be!

* Direct Marketing Association

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