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Mobile web: Quick response marketing

How does it work?

  • We design and host a mobile landing page (or set of pages) to match your print campaign.
  • The pages will be optimised to work perfectly across all modern smartphones and designed with conversion and click-through in mind.
  • We generate a QR code which points towards the page(s) and supply this to be added to your print artwork.
  • We gather statistics on how many times your codes have been scanned.

Ideas for landing pages

  • More information: your opportunity to list product specifications, to show product image galleries or to deliver content which simply won't fit on the printed collateral
  • Video: show a product video, a rehearsal clip or vox pop testimonials
  • Email voucher or special offer: collect user email details to add to your mailing list in return for a voucher or offer which can be automatically emailed to them
  • Electronic brochure: a mobile-friendly interactive product or season brochure
  • Mailing list sign up: build your marketing database straight from your print
  • Social sharing: enable users to share your message on Twitter, Facebook or via email

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