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Mobile web: Quick response marketing

Join up your print and digital marketing with QRM

For the first time there's a simple way to join up your print marketing with your digital marketing - and to convert passing interest into instant engagement, sales and viral marketing.

Quick response marketing (QRM) is a QR code added to your poster, leaflet, brochure, advertisement or any other piece of print.

When scanned by a smartphone, the user is taken to a mobile web page (or pages) which gives extra multimedia information about the promotion.

From the landing page the visitor can

  • Buy now
  • Book now
  • Sign up to a mailing list
  • Share the promotion with friends on Twitter, Facebook or via email

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See it in action!

We have been working with the John Good group on quick response marketing and have put together a working demonstration which you can run in real time.

>> Try it out now <<

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