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Online advertising: Everywhere Network

Everywhere serves 120 million daily impressions. It is a brand safe network to ensure quality of publishers.

Want to promote your brand? Want to receive high quality traffic?

No sites are accepted into the network that are adult orientated and contain promotion for alcohol, tobacco or any other items and substance that could prove harmful to brand reputations.

  • Quality - The websites, the content and the visitors must meet strict qualitative criteria.
  • Guarantee - Your brand will be shown in a controlled, select and high profile context
  • Pertinence - Ads are only shown to users who are truly interested in your products.
  • Measurability - Track the progress of all the parameters of your campaigns, prepare reports and carry out analyses in a really simply way

How does it work?

Targeting based on users' interests

Do you have a villa in Spain or a hotel in the Alps? Users who have expressed interest in this kind of holiday will see your ad, even if they are on a website that has different content, such as an online newspaper or a sports portal.

Everywhere's special engine gathers information about users in a totally anonymous way. The information gathered includes the kind of websites visited, the keywords used get there, the actions carried out online.

This way only ads that truly interest the user will be shown. This kind of targeting, namely behavioural targeting, combined with a mixture of contextual targeting and geo-targeting, guarantees that each and every ad will be truly efficient.  Advertisers can make the most of their campaigns.


Online advertising campaigns start at £30.00, you are not restricted and can have multiple campaigns running at once.


On completion of your banner ad we will provide in-depth reports to give you data and feedback to tailor future campaigns for continued success.

Want to Know More?

If you are an advertiser wanting to reach a larger targeted market then contact us and one of our advertising sales team will call and discuss our network.

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