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Online advertising: Specialist Network

Specialist Advertising is a collection of high end publisher websites with an ABC1 advertising demographic

Interested in becoming an Advertiser? Use our Specialist Network.

Boost your target traffic and build your brand

  • Promote your business on a prestigious network of websites
  • Target a local or nationwide audience
  • Select the sites you want to advertise on
  • Reach an international audience with our Ads placed in front of people interested in your offering
  • In-depth reports to measure your success
  • If can't build a banner, don't worry we have a team of designers that can

How Does The Banner Advertising Service Work?

Your graphic & banner ads are displayed on websites within Papertree Specialist publisher networks. Every time your banner ads are shown on our network to real & targeted people - that counts as an ad impression. We operate an impression based network ensuring you get maximum exposure at the lowest possible cost

What Types of Websites Will My Ads Be Shown On?

You choose from a variety of websites including theatre and arts organisations and city councils to reach nationwide or localised customers.

Our ever expanding network, which has considerable growth, offers Advertisers access to an exclusive and select audiences where they can plan campaigns, increase their visibility and present their products and services.

Want to Know More?

If you are an advertiser wanting to reach a larger targeted market then contact us and one of our advertising sales people will call and discuss our network.

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