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Online advertising: Why do I need it?

Online advertising is huge and still growing. In the UK it has overtaken television to become the biggest advertising medium and now accounts for 20% of all advertising spend.

Whether you are selling a product or growing a brand, online advertising is a flexible and cost-effective way of getting the message out and driving traffic to your website.

It's visible

Millions of ad impressions at your fingertips on a growing network of websites.

It's relevant

Our network gathers anonymous information about the habits of website users and then serves appropriate advertisements to them. If you've been using the web to research which new car to buy, you might notice that you will begin to see more advertising for automotive brands on websites you visit. This is behavioural targeting in action. It ensures that website users only see ads which are likely to interest them.

You're in control

You pay on the basis of impressions - that is, how many times your ad appears. Once your target has been reached, your ad stops being displayed.

It's affordable

You set your budget with us. And that's all you'll pay.

It works

If you want 100,000 impressions, that's what you'll get. Guaranteed exposure.

Want to Know More?

If you are an advertiser wanting to reach a large targeted market then contact us and one of our advertising sales team will call and discuss our network.

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