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Website design: Why choose us?

We're experienced

Our team has been designing and coding websites and content management systems for the best part of a decade.

We do it right

Getting a website right isn't easy. And because we believe in doing things properly, we're going to ask you a lot of difficult questions before we commit a single pixel to the screen.

We'll tease out who you are, who your competitors are, who your customers are, how you want to communicate with them, what the site needs to do for you both, how it needs to grow, how you'll measure its success and the content and look-and-feel you need and we'll have a chat about the options open to us.

It's your website, not ours

If we can see that you have a particular working practice which our content management system really ought to accommodate, then we'll see how we can make your life easier instead of making you change the way you work.

We'll work your website hard

Your website is the hardest-working member of your team. It's always on duty. So it has to look the part and it has to say the right things. We'll make sure that your website is on brand and on message, and that it's doing exactly what you want it to do, 24/7.

We're creative

Once we've agreed a working specification for the website, the exciting part begins, with wireframes of the key pages and beautiful visual design concepts.

We worry about the important stuff

It shouldn't need saying, but your website will be compatible with a wide range of web browsers, platforms and mobile devices. It will adhere to current accessibility guidelines and recommendations. It will be built using valid semantic markup.

We do words and pictures (and video, audio, podcasts…)

If you have all the content ready for us, great! We'll work with you to make sure that your copy is optimised for reading on the web and to support your SEO keywords. If you need us to shoot and edit video or source photos or other images or illustrations, that's fine. We have a network of talented associates ready for your brief.

We're with you today and tomorrow

We'll look after the technical side of putting your website live, arranging for DNS changes, server migrations and whatever else might be required for your project.

Once the website is live, our sterling support service begins. Aftercare for us means more than being there in case anything goes wrong. It's the beginning of a partnership with you. We monitor horizons so you don't have to and we'll let you know what's going on with the web - what's around the corner and what you should be thinking about next.

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