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  • The cookie crumbles

    As of 26th May 2012, the UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) enforced new legislation regarding cookies. I've read their recommendations twice and didn't see mention of chocolate chips anywhere. So what do they mean?
    Cookies, Privacy

  • A timeline in the pipeline

    Facebook is about to make one of the biggest changes to its ‘pages’ since their original launch. Their now famous ‘Timeline’ feature is on the way. But what does this mean? How will it affect your page? Well… Let’s take a look…
    Strategy, Social media, Marketing

About Papertree Digital

Craig Faulkner

Web Developer

About me

I was born into an environment that always had a computer in it. The computer changed several times as I grew up, but my interest in it never wavered. If, as a small child, I'd been sat in the middle of a room with my parents on one side and our Commodore 64 on the other, I'd have had some difficult decisions to make.

Fast forward, and after nine years in various IT and business roles in the financial services industry, working with both small businesses and FTSE 100 companies, I now work for Papertree Digital as a Web Developer, making use of the skills I've developed over the years for a new audience. And the most exciting thing for me is that there is still always more to learn. If you like what we do now, you'll love what we do next…

My corner of the web

I like
  • Music; particularly rock and metal, but also classical and many things in between
  • Reading and writing
  • Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Oscar Wilde, J. R. R. Tolkien, Dan Abnett, Stephen King, Lynne Truss
  • ESP and PRS guitars
  • Pointing and laughing
  • Designing and building things
  • Films beginning with "In a galaxy far, far away…"
  • Not writing biographies

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