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Michael Worrall

Web Development Manager

About me

Ever since leaving university I've been working as a Web Developer in one form or another. On leaving university I worked on a number major websites for a publishing company based in Northampton. Since moving companies to work at Papertree nearly six years ago I've been involved with every website to come out of the company, and have enjoyed the technical challenges along the way.

As the Web Developement Manager I'm responsible for the design, development and project management of your website, mobile application and eflyers. I'll also oversee the setup and support your hosting and digital asset management software.

I'm obsessed with technology, and insist on knowing how it works before I'll be happy with it. This kind of attitude comes from my technical background and desire to learn something new each day. I guess it's that a kind of computer "geeky-ness" that so many people talk about.

I like
  • Xbox 360: I'm currently playing the new Batman game.  My gamertag "Moo Man Mikey", add me as a friend.
  • My Windows Phone: XBox Live on yor phone, what more can you ask for?
  • Formula 1: McClaren for the 2012 constructor's champions... please...
  • Marine fish: To keep me away from my XBox whilst at home I keep marine fish, corals and inverts.


I hate
  • Mashed potato: It's the gooey texture that does it. My parents forced it upon me when I was a young child.

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